Monday, June 11, 2012

Tami, Congrats! Where the past and the present collide and Time knows no boundaries...

I am so excited to present the latest book of my friend and fellow author, Tami Dee.

This is nostalgic for me because it is the first book I read in an on-line critic group as I was getting started. The first of Tami's who has published five others with Desert Breeze Publishing. This book is how we met, and now we are writing a six book series together. Fun, huh?

Tami is a creative, fun writer, and her stories will all draw you in.  Four of her books are Viking time travel, with some recurring characters as each story unfolds.

Innocent Deception gained my attention for its hero, who is a man with a disability.

But Chameleon's Shadow has always been there in the back of my mind, a haunting, powerful story of a woman whose life is wrest from her, and who is resourceful and savvy as she makes friends and creates another life for herself as she looks for her brother, who was also cast out of their home.

She has her secrets, as does the man she falls in love with. Their life journeys connect only occassionally at the beginning, but neither can forget the other.
AVAILABLE – June 11, 2012

Lady Elisabetta Mitchell, a pampered daughter of a murdered English Marquis, is forced to flee the only home she's ever known. She now lives in poverty on the unfeeling streets of Southwark, London 1623. Caught between two worlds, she will do whatever it takes to survive.

Lord William Hunter, a Nobleman with a secret. When an unknown woman rushes into his startled embrace, battered and afraid, he vows to protect this fair-haired beauty.

Yet he cannot protect the girl who runs from him and his probing questions. He has to find her again first. And find her he will, no matter how long he must search.


Will took a step forward, their bodies so close he could feel the heat of her. "If I ever do catch you with another man," he ground out, reaching a hand out to cup her nape, he threaded his fingers into her silken hair. "Be forewarned, wench, you will feel the heat of my wrath!"

Her breath caught and those lovely eyes, dark pools of black in the moonlight, went wide, he bent his head and captured her parted lips.

Now it was her turn to be stunned into inactivity!

Elation swam through his blood stream when the moment his lips touched hers, she went boneless in his arms. He caressed her head, marveling at how perfectly it fit into his palm.

How many nights had he longed to do just this? And in this moment in time, all his fantasies paled in comparison.

With his free arm he pulled her so close he felt the erratic beat of her heart as held her prisoner against his chest. His fingers brushed over the thick bulge of her braid, tucked into her shirt, then slipped to the curve of her slim body, roving over the binding which she had wound around her breasts, and he found himself coveting its intimate position.

The smugglers surrounding them forgotten, only the woman in his arms and the soft crashing of the waves filled his senses.

Her breath came out of her nose and brushed his cheek in short, rapid bursts. A moan slipped from somewhere deep in her throat and filled him with need.

He tasted innocence in her sweet mouth, and budding passion upon her lips. Her startled, unguarded response to his ministrations suggested she had never been kissed before, putting to rest any thoughts that she may have sold her body for coin in order to survive.

Someone shouted from the shore, bringing him back to the present. Reluctantly, he lifted his head and broke the kiss.

Through hooded eyes Will watched as she stumbled back a step and placed her fingertips to her lips. Slowly, shyly, she raised wide eyes to his.

Unable to resist just one more touch, he brushed a reassuring finger across her moist, slightly trembling bottom lip.

Returning her gaze, he was awed, and humbled, by the violet pools shimmering with surprise and desire. Laughter broke out from the smugglers surrounding them, startling her from her trance.

She nodded to two of her three young escorts. "Get 'im out of 'ere." Her voice broke and her chin shot up.


The boys looked as if they were going to protest being sent away from the activities at hand, but before they could voice their complaint she had already remounted her steed.

A sharp flick of her wrist got the horse moving and as the moon once again slid behind a thick cloud, she made her way back to the clearing and the band of waiting smugglers disappearing from his view.
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  1. Wow, thanks for having my books as your guest!
    How fun!!!

  2. So excited to have you here. And our NEXT release will be in August as co-authors. Writing is such fun!

  3. Tami!!! This is fantastic. You know I am so looking forward to reading this book. You are one of my favorite authors. Best of luck with lots of readers. :)