Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Release - Leap of Faith

Just before her thirteenth birthday, Beth Bennett discovered she was not only adopted, but had a father and a brother. Always the people-pleaser, she decided to split her time between her two families. After thirty years of juggling her life, the breakup of a disastrous twenty-year marriage and caring for her sister-in-law during her final bout with cancer, she retreats to her home in the Connecticut hills to regroup. Then she attends a charity banquet in NYC and meets a man who can't possibly be as perfect as he seems. he wants to pursue a relationship with her, but past experiences have made her swear off men and romance. Andrew Oliver doesn't give up easily, and when Beth finally admits to her feelings, she finds herself on an emotional roller-coaster ride -- remembering her past, living her present and facing her future with a self-reliance she'd forgotten she possessed.


  1. Great cover! I love the corsage against the gun. :)

    It sounds like a good book!