Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Childhood Lying Grows Up into Writing?

Tina, I am so excited to have you here today. I enjoy your work and it will be fun to get to know you a little.
First let me say hello, Lynette and thank you for inviting me to your blog.
Tell me about who and what influenced you to write? Have you been writing long? When I was little girl, (many moons ago) I had a big imagination, which to the bane of my parents and existence I used to fabricate awesome stories. Okay, I lied. But I was good at it.
In elementary school I started to use my imagination to work on stories and doodling. I didn't sell any book until I was much older, but my doodling paid off. Because I could draw the human body pretty good at a young age… I made candy money drawing nude women for the boys in school in 4th and 5th grades.
I still doodle, (I gave up my sinful ways) and I still have my imagination, which takes me on flights of fancy through fiction and I don't even get in trouble for doing it. Unless of course I break a writing rule somewhere.  
Why this genre? Do you write in others?
I write historical fiction because I've always been interested in that time in our countries history. Such a hard time in life and yet, there was a simplicity.
I also have written some contemporaries and am working on some speculative fiction.
You are a Christian writer - how does that influence your writing?  I know my imagination was given to me for a purpose, I don't want to be preachy, but I want people to see that the truth is out there, and they've been handed a bill of goods that steals their joy. And only God can give that back.
How do you feel about authors of Christian lit writing flawed characters? I think flawed characters are more real to life than not. Everyone has flawsYes, everyone wants that escape story sometimes, but following a flawed character through the maze and showing how they reach the oasis, is oftentimes the escape they need. It gives them an answer. Shows them they don’t walk alone and gives them the opportunity to ask questions. Like what if I took the same path as the character in this book?

So where can the readers find your books and learn more about you?

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Touched By Mercy http://tiny.cc/k5tgw
In the Manor of the Ghost http://tiny.cc/doc8w
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  1. Love that cover. Quite dramatic. Good luck for your release.
    Janis Lane

  2. That is so funny, drawing naked ladies for the boys! LOL! Oh, that gave me a good laugh! :) I was a liar as a little girl, too. I didn't mean to. I kept trying to stop, but my imagination would run away with me. It was a huge relief to me when I found another way to channel my creativity and could quit writhing with guilt.

  3. Thanks, Janis,

    I love the cover, it says so much about the heart of the book and comes directly from a scene in the story.


    Tina Pinson

  4. LOl! I love it. YOu created awesome stories. I wonder if my kids will ever use that one. I doodled as a child too. But mine was horses and dogs. Never sold one. Not to a girl or a boy. ;O)

  5. I so agree with you, Patty,

    It is much nicer to use your story telling for the greater good. No one likes liars. Can't say the same for the doodling though. the boys liked those. LOL

  6. Debbie,

    I didn't make bank on the drawings, but it was lucrative for a time. I drew cartoons and animals too. they didn't sell as well though. A girl has to do what she must to get her candy. LOL

    thanks for coming by.