Thursday, June 14, 2012

Excerpt from When Shadows Fall by Tina Pinson

Morning brought sunshine, and the pleasant sound of birds singing overhead. Rebekah hoped the rain would hold off, allowing her to make up some lost time.
Two hours on the road, they met up with another band of rebels. They wore ragged uniforms. The hair on their heads and faces was overgrown. Of the six men, only one wore shoes. She began to fear this ragtag group might be deserters. Trouble.
Hoping they'd pass like others had done, she moved on with eyes forward -- yet constantly watching. She feigned disinterest as they drew near the wagon, but they didn't pass. As soon as they were close, they fanned the road to block her passage. She tried to keep moving, but one big and utterly filthy, redheaded man grabbed the horse's reins.
She found herself missing the company of the rain.
"Whoa there," he said as he slowed the horse to a halt. He looked up at Rebekah and grinned. "Now that wasn't very neighborly of ya. We jest wanted ta talk ta ya's is all. We was hoping ya'll had some food ya might be willin' ta share."
"I ain't got much food, son," Rebekah told him, trying to keep her voice steady. "I got me some grain for the horse and some hardtack and jerky fer my grandson and me."
"What are ya doin' out here, ma'am?" Another, not quite so scruffy, young man asked.
"I jest got my son out o' one o' them Yankee prisons, and I'm trying ta get 'im home is all." Rebekah's impatience grew along with the sick feeling in her gut. "He's real sick. Caught himself something in that filthy place. I'm jest tryin' ta get 'im home."
"She tellin' the truth, Zeb?" the big redhead asked. The way he motioned a couple of men to the rear of the wagon, Rebekah believed him to be the leader. Pangs of fear rose as they circled behind her. "Does she got herself a sick man and a boy back ther', Zeb?"
The wagon rocked as Zeb jumped in for a closer look. "Shore nuff does." Zeb's voice sounded behind her. She looked over her shoulder just as Andrew backed up against his mother too terrified to speak. "He looks mighty bad off, Cal, and ther ain't much else in here."
Zeb drew back the blanket and studied her husband. "Dear Lawrd," he sputtered when he saw the legs were missing. "Lawrdy, Lawrdy." Zeb couldn't quit staring. He finally laid the blanket back down -- taking care to cover Robert -- and apologized to Andrew for scaring him. "Damn Yankees," he muttered. The springs creaked as he jumped from the wagon.
"Ya got some money then, ma'am?" Cal called to her.
Rebekah returned her attention to the front of the wagon. "Son, if I had me any money, my son would be in some fancy hospital gettin' care right now." Her tone was angry, defiant. She regretted it when Cal's voice grew hard and cold.
"Maybe we orta just take yer wagon here?" Cal gave her a stern look.
"I think we should let 'em alone," Zeb spoke up, coming back to his side. He put a hand to Cal's chest. "She's jest trying ta get her son home. We got no cause ta hurt a fellow soldier."
"I'm agreed. Let 'em pass."
The sentiment echoed down the line. Only Cal stood silent. He took so long thinking it over, Rebekah feared he might not let them go. Then he relented and stepped back from the horse.
Rebekah shook the reins, urging the horse to go.
"Get your boy home so as you can care for him," Zeb said softly as she drove past. Her tears welled at the unexpected kindness. She was afraid to breathe. Afraid Cal might change his mind and come after her. Terrified, Andrew crawled up next to her. He didn't say a thing, just clung to her. She was shaking so badly, she could barely hold the reins let alone her son.
When a good half-hour passed without incident, Rebekah pulled off to the side, and allowed herself to cry.

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  1. Sounds like a great read, Tina! I have a little boy, so that really makes my heart ache.