Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How pets, people and most of all the Lord influence her books

So give us a quick blurb - what is When Shadows Fall all about?
The Civil War rages, and Rebekah fights to keep her world intact. Loss and sorrow seeps into her heart. Her sights on Oregon, she prays New Eden will be a place of peace for her and her son. A refuge. She travels to Missouri to start her journey and is denied the opportunity to join the train. Matthew battles his way through the war thinking of Rebekah, planning to help her west. He fears his biggest battle lies ahead. Will Rebekah open up her heart and allow him to be the one to hold her When the Shadows Fall?

Makes my heart beat faster, even thought I' know how it turns out. Rebekah is a favorite character of mine. Are there influences from family members, friends and/or pets that you can share? In most of my stories you will find the character has a pet. Because I have a pet. I love my dogs. The dog names in my stories Lady, Shadow and Buster were all names of some of my pets. Shadow was with us for 16 years. Our little teddy bear.

As far as family… I have four sisters, so several of my characters share some of their traits. And many share mine. I have three sons and hubby of course, plus all my nephew and nieces to give me a wealth of attitudes for my characters. And I like to people watch too.

Which character is the most difficult and why? Samantha in Touched by Mercy was difficult for me, because she hit close to home with my feelings. Writing her allowed me the time and perhaps grace to work through things that had happened in my past.

Rebekah is tough, because she reminds me of how hard life can be and what loss feels like. But she is awesome in the fact that she and Samantha too learn how to give their hearts over to the Lord. And the Lord the might just be the toughest ever. Because I so want people to know that he is the biggest Character in my books and the realest. If that makes any sense? And some people just don't want to hear. I can't always blame them, cause sometimes I don't want to have to deal with the truths he hands me either.

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  1. Making God real in my books is my constant struggle as well. Spirituality is so personal, so... spiritual, that it's hard to describe sometimes. And cliche lines just don't work in a novel.

  2. Those pet names are cute, and pets do add to a story. Have you ever thought of naming a pet "Mercy"? I can just envision a puppy or kitten going after toes on a barefoot and the person says, "Mercy me, give me mercy, Mercy!"

  3. I already like your character Rebekah and of course, the pets also. Your story sound great. I share some of the ways you come up with your characters.