Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gardening and Other Books by Janis Lane

Janis Lane is a gardener and more.
Nature is a favorite subject and is tucked into most of her stories. Lane is an experienced bird watcher. She is also part owner of a small "Herbtique" and can be found in summer assisting in the creation and design of beautiful gardens. Be sure to buy Gone To The Dogs at and check out Lane's other releases.
In addition to her new release, Gone to the Dogs, Janis has a prior release with Desert Breeze Publsihing, Sandpiper Affair, available at a contemporary romance. Besides falling into mutual admiration and maybe even into love, Wildlife photographer, Abby Neycomb and wealthy, Adam Rawlings, agree on one thing. Environmental work is both exciting and important. While capturing shots of mating/nesting birds in middle Florida, Abby is surprised to find herself with urges toward nesting herself. She is stunned when she finds the body of a local town councilman and is apprehensive when the sheriff asks for her assistance in finding the killer. She is even more surprised at the warm support of the local townspeople and the friendships they offer. Could Abby give up her life as a roving photographer to settle down as the mate of native son? Is her love strong enough to carry her through to a fairy tale ending, or will she end up like the tiny sandpipers running along the shore, evermore flirting with but never diving directly into the waves.

Under the name of Emma Lane, she has also published Dark Domino. How would you react if the man you loved went away to war for 6 long years and never wrote you a single letter? Sarah Louise is faced that exact dilemma and could not understand why Ethan, the man she loved, could treat her so cruelly when she never doubted he loved her. Find out why when you read my short story , a sweet romance about young love and steadfast loyalty.

Excerpt: “I know your mother is looking for you. She sent me to find you. She is upset that you are reluctant to leave for school.”

“She called me a hoyden. She said it was time I put up my hair and became a lady. As if that would somehow make me a different person.” She ran her hands underneath her thick curls, held them up and then let them fall in a luxurious cascade. Ethan held his breath, then let it slowly out. He could see clearly the beauty she would become soon, although he knew how she would resent the change. He smiled at her, saying farewell with his heart. (A sad goodbye between Ethan and Sarah Louise from DARK DOMINO.) Available as a 1.99 ebook today at

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