Thursday, June 21, 2012

Suspense is in Jordan Bollinger's Blood

Jordan, I am so excited to have you visiting today. Your new book just released. You must be on top of the world. Tell us about yourself.

I grew up reading classic mysteries and watching 'film noir'. All I wanted was to grab a hat and go on adventures with Phillip Marlow or Sam Spade. Mom and Dad were all right with my insistence on switching from French to Russian in high school, even if the counselor wasn't amused with my reason - I needed Russian, if I was going to be an international spy. They were even okay with teaching me to shoot. However, they frowned on me spending time in smoky bars with fast guys or shady characters.           

 I would guess, then, that suspense and mystery are in your blood - and in your book series.
By dreaming up my own adventures, I could live vicariously without the worry of being grounded. Those fantasy worlds led me to writing down all those stories swirling around in my head. So get ready world. Bollinger, Jordan Bollinger is here to sweep you off your heartstrings one bullet at a time. 

Buy Leap of Faith today at her at her website at and her blog Drawing on the Write Side of My Brain, at

Future Releases by Jordan Bollinger at Desert Breeze Publishing
Duty With Honor Book Two: Second Chances - February 2013
Duty With Honor Book Three: Haunted Honeymoon - October 2013
Duty With Honor Book Four: Finessing the Wolf - June 2014
Duty With Honor Book Five: An Unexpected Pause - February 2015


  1. Jordan, you are great fun. So glad to have you visiting here.

  2. Thank you Lynn. It's very exciting time for me.