Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome Patty Froese

Tell us a little about Perfect on Paper, to be released April 15, 2012. What is the genre? What is it about?
Perfect on Paper is a modern, Inspirational romance.  It's about a mystery novelist, Anne Stanborough, whose career is waning.  She's frustrated, so when her maiden aunt passes away and leaves her a little bookstore, she takes the opportunity for a fresh start.  The lawyer in charge of her aunt's will is as interesting as he is handsome, but unfortunately, he's also pretty old-fashioned and wants a woman to stay  home and leave the bacon earning to him.  When Anne comes across some clues that suggest that her maiden aunt wasn't so maiden after all, the two of them are pulled together as they sleuth out the story behind the old lady's love... 

The question I'm looking at in this book is, what makes for a lasting love?  How do you know if you're making the right choice?
Is this completely out of imagination, or are there elements of your real life experience in the plot/characters?
All of my books are healthy of mix of my own experience and fiction.  In this book, some of Anne's starving artist experiences in her past are from my life.  I also used some stories from my family history in the town's history.  Sometimes fact is just better than fiction!
How many books have your written? How many have been published?
I've written probably about 15 books, 8 of which have been published.  Every book I write makes me a bit better at what I do. 
Where do you write? Describe your writing space. Anything that helps in the background?
I write at my little roll top desk smack in the middle of my apartment.  I have a four year old boy, so I  need to "supervise" while I write.  I love my little desk, though.  I've had since I was single, and it's gone with me from apartment to apartment.  No matter where I've lived, this is where I wrote.

We will hear more about your family tomorrow. In the meantime, where do you usually hang out on line?

You can always find me on Facebook, but I also update my blog a couple of times a week, so I think I'm pretty easy to find. ;)

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