Monday, April 16, 2012

Check it out - Blood Brothers in Christ Book Two is out!

Molly Stuart knows there's danger lurking nearby, waiting to take her son away from her. But her twelve-year-old refuses to talk about the stranger stalking them, and the only one who can help her is a man she doesn't trust. Rand Adams may not have been directly responsible for her husband's death, but he acts guilty. He cut out in the middle of the funeral and she hasn't seen him in the three years since. Now he's back pretending to care about her and her son, but he's hiding something. Rand and her son share a deadly secret that will shatter Molly's world and change their lives forever.

Check out this incredible reader review for WARRIOR'S JOURNEY (we're humbled):
I haven't read the first book in the Blood Brothers in Christ series yet, but after reading Warrior's Journey, you'd better believe I'm going to. Those Cuffe sisters have not only come up with a great story, they've populated it with people I quickly learned to care about. Having a pre-teen as one of the important characters helped to give the cast an especially well balanced feel.
Despite being a genuine suspense novel, this book is definitely about relationships. Friends. Brothers. Father and son. Man and boy. Husband and wife. Man and woman.
While it's not unusual for the romantic part of a suspense story to have conflict of its own, Warrior's Journey kept me wondering whether things would ever work out--and how. The resolution was quite satisfying.
And although I'd had some suspicions about someone who turned out to be a "bad guy," the Cuffes kept me guessing until the very end, and even then the revelation caught me off guard.
I don't normally pay much attention to details about the setting, but the Cuffes are so good at describing the areas where the story takes place that I couldn't help but admire their attention to relevant detail--and to better feel that I could see, hear, and smell it. If they aren't describing areas they're already familiar with, they have done a fantastic job of researching those places.
Warrior's Journey should be an equally good read for men and women. It has suspense and adventure--lots of it. But the tender moments are many, and they're tastefully done. I was pleasantly surprised that this book doesn't scream out, "Women wrote me."
Don't take my word for how engrossing Warrior's Journey is. Find out for yourself.

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