Friday, April 13, 2012

Patty about Tea

As a tea drinker, I loved this post from Patty on her website. And I agree completely!

A pretty cup

It hasn’t even been “one of those days,” it’s been one of those weeks. My son is one of those kids who is too smart for his own good. He has intelligence beyond his short years, but still the emotional maturity of a three year old. That makes for some difficult parenting, and I was so frustrated today that I sat in my car and tried really, really hard not to weep into my steering wheel. Instead of having a good cry in the parking lot, I decided on a little retail therapy instead.
I wanted a tea cup. So I went out and bought one. It wasn’t expensive, but it is pretty… and it’s something that belongs to me and only me. It might sound selfish, but as a mother, there isn’t much of that left. Sheets, blankets, towels, dishes… they are all family used. Pretty knick knacks get broken. Furniture gets scratched. Even my meals are constantly interrupted. My bed gets shared halfway through the night when the bad dreams come and my clothes… well, my clothes are mine. I don’t have to share those, but they do get pulled on a lot. So in my fit of frustration, I decided that the only thing that could soothe my bruised little self was a tea cup all my own.

I’m telling you, regular days require tea, but the real doozies require tea in a pretty cup.

Read an excerpt from Patty's soon-to-be released Perfect on Paper.


  1. I love it. I totally agree! A cup of calming tea makes a bad day better. And you are SO right! I'm off to buy myself a fancy cup!

  2. I'm sending you a big hug. Sounds like you need one. Remember, the little guy will grow up so fast and before you know it you will look back on this day and smile. It's the day you got a pretty tea cup and life got a bit brighter.

  3. I wouldn't get through any day - good or bad without my tea so I'm a big believer in its powers! Having brought up 3 boys there were many days which absolutely demanded excessive amounts of tea - with or without a pretty cup. Enjoy your special cup and keep it well away from everyone else!

  4. I think I might start collecting pretty cups. I've found them to be very therapeutic. :) Thank God, he's growing out of his "I'm going to be pain to see what happens" stage. Thank you all for being so nice!