Monday, April 23, 2012

Review (sorta): More Than a Job

by Patty Froese Ntihemuka

I’ve been taking more time to read, which is blissful. I don’t have to tell you how much less work it is to read a book than to write it. So after finishing up my manuscript, I decided to read for a while. It’s a luxury.
I picked up More Than a Job because I’ve worked with disabled people, as well. It’s a very rewarding occupation, and you definitely know that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. I volunteered with a disabled woman for years and we became good friends. I moved away when I got married, and then she passed away. She’s still in my heart, though, and my photo albums. So this book was one I wanted to read.
This is the book blurb:
Paige Hamilton is a survivor, forced into seeking a new life when her job and ten-year career end at the hands of a new company owner. When the handsome stranger is the first to help her through that transition, she falls fast and hard for Joshua Robinson.
Then she discovers that he is the cruel owner, and that the company she’d loved — the company that cared so much about the adults with disabilities she’d worked with — is in a downward spiral that puts the life of one of her friends at risk.
Lynette Endicott is a good writer. She draws you right into the setting, part of which is a personal fantasy of mine–a gorgeous old house filled with family antiques. The plot is a good one, revolving around the heroine’s job loss, her attempt to put her life back together and a story rooted in her family’s past about an uncle no one will speak of, a shadow of a boy in the background of old family pictures.
Now, to the romance. This is the part I wanted to talk about. This is a Christian romance, but Ms. Endicott ups the heat in this one! Now, the books I write are a sweet rating which means that there is no hanky-panky and I focus on the romance and tenderness and don’t mention the physical desire. This book, while there is no love making until after marriage (or that is at least implied in the book), the author does look at relationships a lot more realistically when it comes to physical yearning for each other. Paige and Joshua are drawn to each other and it’s a very physical attraction. They can’t keep their hands off each other, but that passion is part of their growing love, and you can’t help but feel that without a passion like that, why get married? There are some sensual scenes that had me catching my breath and thinking, “Oh my my… where is that husband of mine?”
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I have to warn you NOT to give it to young ladies you are trying to shelter, but it’s great for those of us mature enough to appreciate a sensual love story rooted in faith.


  1. Very nice review. Reading is easier then the writing. It's also a nice reward after slaving over your own WIP. Congrats for finishing your manuscript.

  2. One thing I love about Christian romance is, the author can turn up the heat between the characters but still allow them to live by a Chrisitan worldview. Who said Christian romance had to be boring. Giving Danielle Steele a little competition. (smile)