Sunday, April 15, 2012

Released today: A Special Blessing for Sara

Sara Wilson lives alone with her cat in a small town in central Pennsylvania. She counsels women from a Christian perspective, but her own life is in turmoil. Sara is still suffering from a broken relationship as she begins dating a fellow counselor and teacher by the name of Ken.

Then a new youth pastor, who she assists at her church, makes it obvious he is interested in her. A third man shows up from her past. Her sisters tease her about her suitors, but only one will win her heart.

Sara becomes close to one of her clients, a young woman named Fran, who has had addiction problems. Sara helps her to lean on God and return to her family.

A medical emergency and a disclosed secret turn Sara's life upside down. Who will be the one she will share her life with?

After the children were tucked in for the night, the men gathered in the living room to watch an NFL playoff game. They joked and made predictions about which teams would go to the Super Bowl.

The women cleaned up the kitchen after dinner and then went into the dining room. They sat around sipping coffee, visiting, and nibbling on homemade cookies.

"Sara, you've lost a lot of weight. Was it intentional?" Tina, who had just turned twenty-six, spoke with concern in her voice.

"No, not really, although I don't mind being thinner. I've just lost my appetite."

"Since you and Jeremy broke up?" Leslie, the middle sister, asked.

"I guess. It hasn't been easy." Sara felt her throat tighten, and she made every effort to look nonchalant.

"He's such a jerk. You're the best thing that ever happened to him," Tina remarked, tossing her long black braid behind her shoulder.

"Well now, girls, Sara might not want to talk about this now. Maybe it was for the best," Joan suggested. "I'm sure there will be another man for her. God will send the right one."

"I thought he was the right one, Mom," Sara admitted, finally allowing her tears to escape.

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry we upset you." Her mother came over and sat in the empty chair next to her and patted her arm. "You don't have to talk about it."

"Mom, let her talk. She needs to get it out," Leslie said.

Bob's wife, Lori, nodded in agreement. "We're here for you, if you want to talk."

"I know you are, and I appreciate all of you. I don't know what happened. I mean we were getting along so well, talking about a wedding date, until he started getting picky about everything. I couldn't do anything right. He claimed I was too wrapped up in my work. Maybe I was, but I tried not to discuss my job. Then he said I was getting heavy--"

"You? Heavy? Give me a break." Tina let out a moan.

"Let her talk, Tina," Leslie chided.

"Sorry. Go on, Sara. I'll be quiet."

Sara smiled at her sister. "That's okay, I needed to hear it wasn't true. I was beginning to feel pretty low about myself. He also corrected my grammar sometimes, as if--"

"Now I know you're kidding. You have perfect grammar," Ginny, her other sister-in-law, exclaimed.

"Well, it's not perfect, but neither was he. At least I didn't scold him every time his breath smelled like garlic."

The five women laughed. "Way to go, girl," Ginny encouraged.

"Anyway, we started arguing about everything. I mean everything. My clothes, his haircuts, our meals, and especially about... " Sara hesitated and looked around her.

"Sex?" Tina filled in.

"Yeah, or lack thereof," Sara admitted, embarrassed this conversation was taking place in front of her mother.

"Sara. You didn't... " Her mother looked close to tears.

"No, Mom. That was the problem. He kept pushing me, and I kept resisting."

"He's a Christian man. He knows better," her mother proclaimed.

"Hate to tell you this, Mom," Tina interjected, "but even some Christian guys want sex."

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  1. June, so glad to see you featured on Lynette's lovely blog as well. I haven't read the story yet, but I'm rooting for the pastor. (smile)

    Good post, Lynette. June F.