Friday, May 18, 2012

The mystique of the open range drives Yeary's Western Books

Celia, I've read both of these books and thoroughly enjoyed them. The couples we encounter have secrets and turmoil to work through but stay true to each other. Great reads! What is it about Western Historical Romance that interests you?

Western Historical Romances always catch my eye. Most of my favorite authors write this genre, and since most have drifted into Contemporary Western Romance, I have learned to love those, too. Why do I love these stories above all others? I suppose it's the mystique of the open range, the wagon trains moving west into unknown territory, the hopes and big dreams of pioneers, and the settling of our nation. How can we not admire and revere these people? Their stories portray the spirit of our entire nation, our quest for new horizons, and the inability to stand still. I fell in love with the Calder men that Janet Dailey wrote about decades ago, and that love is still strong and true.

Here is a photo my husband took on the corner of our San Marcos, Texas town square where  the Hays County Courthouse sits. It's a bronze statue of Captain Jack C. Hays,  famous and infamous Texas Ranger who lived here for a time, and became  well-known as one of the most notorious Texas Rangers.
It was said of him, "Ol' Jack...why he would follow the Devil hisself into Hell if he had to. He  wasn't afraid of nothin'." Only one source of daily inspiration.


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The Cameron Sisters:
Still restless, but no longer idealistic and insecure, he knew he had to go home.
After two years, Jo Cameron King’s life as a widow abruptly ends when her husband returns home to Austin. Unable to understand her angry and bitter husband, she accepts a call to travel to the New Mexico Territory to meet her dying birth father whom she knows nothing about. Her plan to escape her husband goes awry when he demands to travel with her.
Dalton King, believing lies his Texas Ranger partner tells him about Jo, seethes with hatred toward his wife. Now he must protect Jo from his partner’s twisted mind, while sorting out the truth. Jo’s bravery and loyalty convince him she’s innocent. But can they regain the love and respect they once shared?
The Romance Studio-5 Hearts
The Romance Reviews-Nom. for Best in Western Romance
Love Romance Cafe-Honorable Mention-Best in Historical Romance
Love Western Romances-4 Spurs

Hoping he would change, she left him alone until he made his own decision.
At a Governor's Ball in Austin, Texas, True Lee Cameron meets suave Sam Deleon. Before the night is out, she transforms from the coddled and protected younger sister to a woman in love. Reality crashes down when she accidentally learns he has deceived her. Daring to disobey him, she follows Sam to the oilfields and determines to live wherever he does. Has she made a mistake? Will she give up and return home where she can make her own rules?
When Sam Deleon meets the gorgeous young woman his mother has chosen for him, he fears falling in love, because he knows nothing about love. In order to carry out his mother’s plan, he marries True and moves her to his mother's home, intending to visit enough to set the plan in motion. When True fails to obey him, he faces the possibility of losing her, thereby losing his inheritance and the family property.
Sam and True attempt a reconciliation and compromise. Together, they now face a nemesis, someone who determines to thwart every action they take, endangering not only their lives, but also those whom they love.
Long and Short Romance Reviews-5 Books
The Romance Studio-4 1/2 Hearts
CoffeeTime Romance Reviews-4 Cups
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  1. Thank you, Lynn--this looks so great! I appreciate it very much...Celia

  2. great blog!!! I write contemporary but I love to read historical westerns!!

  3. Nothing like a little history to stir the imagination! These books have the loveliest covers, Celia.

  4. Maggie is right, you Cameron books have terrific covers. I always appreciate the western lore in your blogs. Wishing you continued success with all your books.

  5. Glad to have you here, Celia. Your books have great appeal and I am pleased to host you. I enjoyed Texas Promise. Jo went through a lot, but in spite of the lies her husband believes, she stays true to him.

  6. Celia, That sounds like a really great plot! Yes, your book does have a wonderful cover, as all of yours do.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. The Texas Rangers - true icons. Just their names conjures up strong images, and "true grit". I love pert'near any book set in the west. I love this excerpt, Celia!