Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get to know Gail Delaney

           If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

I like living in Southern California, but I would like to have more land. I grew up on a large piece of property surrounded by woods, woods, and more woods. You couldn't hear your neighbor snoring or their dog barking, but you were close enough to walk. But, I grew up in Maine with snow and cold and black flies. J

I love the weather in SoCal. I love the area. But, I'd like a slightly bigger house (just a big because it's my family of four and my inlaws -- and my office is itty bitty tiny), on a much larger piece of property. Two to three acres minimum.

And I'd like horses again. I had horses growing up, and loved it. But, you didn't ask me that. Well, in a way... okay... I want to live on a really big horse ranch in Southern California. There.
If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

WARNING: Individual prone to outbursts of sarcasm, dry wit, and joy which may result in unbecoming 'snorting', spewing of liquids from noses, and tender abdominal muscles after prolonged exposure to laughter. Side effects may also include headaches, sore throats, and weeping eyes from excessive and ongoing exposure. Fatal side effects have not yet been documented.

      What do family members think of your writing? Do you ever ask him/her/them for advice? Editing?

Gail and her Dad
I know I am exceptionally lucky in that my family has always been very encouraging of my writing. My mother's belief in my writing is what drove me to seek publication to begin with, and my father made no secret of how proud he was of me. He told anyone and everyone I was his daughter, and I was a writer.

My mother and father in law have supported me every step of the way. My husband has stepped up in so many ways to take on some of the load so I can focus on my writing and my dreams. It's wonderful.

More than once I've talked through a plot sticking point with my husband and he as helped me figure it out. I don't always do exactly as he suggests, but he might be the springboard I need to jump to the right path. I've talked out many books with my daughter. My son isn't much into hearing about it, but he's 14. J
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  1. I hash books out with my husband, too, Gail. And I love your warning label! :D

    Mine was: if rash develops, discontinue use. I didn't have a side effect of snorting, but there was definite crankiness when I don't get enough writing time in. ;)

  2. Fun getting to know you later. I know what you mean about living someplace where you can't see your neighbors. We live in the wood surrounded by trees.

    How wonderful you had your Dad at your side so he could shine in your successes. Really makes your memories so much brighter. My Dad read my first story three different times. I was so proud every time he asked to see it again. :)

    Dreams do come true, so I imagine you will be getting that horse ranch one of these days. It may take time, but it is worth it.