Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet Author Stephenia McGee

Tell us a little about A Legacy of Lies, released March 15th, 2012. What is the genre? What is it about?

It is Christian romance with suspense, supernatural and unexplained elements. The hero is a cowboy, and part of the story takes place on a cattle ranch in Montana where he finds a job to escape his past life.
It’s about college student Sarah Sanders, who is so stressed-out at college that she’s having fainting spells. She’s behind on the rent and facing eviction. Dropping out of school feels inevitable. Needing a break, she accepts her boyfriend’s invitation to visit his parents’ ranch out west. But she finds much more in Montana than fresh air and mountain trails.
Ranch hand Jim Anderson has suffered from night terrors for over a year. But despite this secret struggle, his life at the ranch had been a welcomed escape from his past. Until those terrifying dark shadows started coming for him in the middle of the afternoon.
Brought together by an unseen hand, Sarah and Jim must travel across the country to unravel a web of deceit and uncover Jim’s long history of lies before the evidence is sealed away forever. 
Is this completely out of imagination, or are there elements of your real life experience in the plot/characters?
Most of the story is out of my imagination. However, during his time at the ranch, Jim Anderson learns the art of natural horsemanship. This is a way of teaching horses by essentially learning to “speak” their language. Training horses this way has been a large part of my life. Because of back issues, it is something I no longer can do, but I worked as a “horse teacher” for several years. In the story, you’ll see the bond that Jim has with his horse. It is definitely something I drew out of my own life and my relationship with my mare, Fancy.

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  1. Thanks so much, Stephenia, for joining me here. It is fascinating to learn about your book. I especially enjoyed your conversation on the art of natural horsemanship.

    1. Thanks for having me! Horses have been a big part of my life. It's amazing what they can teach us.

  2. LOL, today must be cowboy day. I was just visiting another blog and learning about a author who recently released a book with a cowboy hero.

    Best wishes, Stephnia!

  3. Horses are such beautiful animals. I love to watch them from afar. I have to admit though, I've always been a little frighten of them since one bit me in the back when I was little. I've learned to respect them from that day forward.

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Yes, I've been around horses for most of my life and you should never be complacent with one. They are still large animals that can jump and spook at anything. No matter how gentle the horse is or how much experience you have, you still need to be alert around them.