Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Horses and other animals

Next week I am honored to feature some of the Western authors from Desert Breeze Publishing. Some of you may wonder how this woman from California knows anything about cowboys, horses, and Westerns.

On the other hand I am sitting in Cheyenne, Wyoming as I write this. I have been visiting family in the panhandle of Nebraska (which is more like Wyoming than the eastern part of that state).

Yes, we were "dudes" when we moved there from Illinois. I went to undergraduate school there, met and married my husband before we moved to Kansas for 25 years. We have friends and family, though, from Montana, Wyoming, Saskatchewan, Kansas. Some of them are real cowboys, boots, hats, belt buckles and all.

So I am going to entertain the writers of Western romance from DBP all next week. Stop by and enjoy!

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