Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome Mary Louise Marion and Her New Book When I Died

Lynette: Your book, When I Died What I Learned in Heaven was just released. Tell us a little about it.

Mary Lou: The story is about what happened when my heart stopped on the operating table over 44 years ago. The lessons I learned and my personal experience in Heaven and meeting Jesus
Lynette:Wow, that definately sounds like a story that needs to be told. How long have you been writing? What is your first writing/Composing memory?
Mary Lou:I started writing in 10th grade high school. I had a great creative English teacher who put up a picture of a pair of hands and had us write about those hands. They were the hands of Albert Einstein. Just looking at those hands and coming up with a description was a great process at least I thought it was. I was the only one in the class that said they looked like the hands of a very smart person even though they also looked like the hands of someone who had done physical work all their life. (That answers both parts of the question)
Lynette: Where do you find inspiration for your stories?
Mary Lou:I find inspiration all around me. For my poetry mostly outside or through my emotions. For this particular story it is a true to life so it was just getting it on paper. Some of my other short stories that were published years ago the inspiration came from children and nature.
Lynette: Who had the most positive influence on your life and how?
Mary Lou: My most wonderful husband has been the inspiration and positive help in my life. He is the first one to recognize that I am intelligent and the first one to help me become who I really was meant to be. He is patient, kind, loving and understanding with me always.
Lynette: What is your favorite movie and why?
Mary Lou: I personally don’t have a FAVORITE movie. I like a lot of movies. The ones gravitate towards are ones about real people their lives and how they lived them. I love movies about horses and dogs as well. I am a BIG Disney movie fan and have most of those movies.
Lynette:   If you had a time machine and could take one trip to any time in history, where would we find you?
Mary Lou: That is a difficult question because I love history and would want to be anywhere in time when history was being made! I am happy being in this time right now because of all the discoveries that have been and are being made. I remember my childhood without TV only the radio, no X-Box, no video games, no computers. Going to the movies every Saturday with my friends. Reading always reading. I don't think I would have survived if I had been born in the 1800’sbecause of some medical problems I have. I would not want to have been in any other country than the Wonderful United States of America and would not have wanted to be born in any other country. Also just being aware of what is going on around us makes the time we are in that more interesting and important.
Lynette: What are your hobbies?
Mary Lou: Reading first. Sewing and making quilts, knitting, walking, staying active. Photography and listening to what is going on around me to gather information for a story. Music classical and country. I do like some Rock and Roll but not screaming music and I do not like Rap even though some of it is good poetry.
Lynette: Tell us about your other occupations/jobs, besides writing.
Mary Lou: I have my college degree in Education so I taught for several years. I transferred into nursing in the 1980’s and got my degree in Nursing. I specialized in Midwifery and had the privilege of being present for over 100 births. I have my Associates degree in Secretarial Science, Business Management and Personnel Management. I worked in a midsize physicians office as the HR Person and really enjoyed doing that and helping new employees get intergraded to the work place. I have several Certificates of accomplishments one in Photography another in Ceramics and one in Creative Writing. So looking back I have done many things in my life, always looking to see how I could be a better person. I do believe that Education is the most important thing in this world. No one knows enough and no one will ever know all the answers. I believe in constant and continued education and I take at least one college class a year to learn something new.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing such a fascinating interview!

  2. Good interview, Mary Lou. I think you've gotten the most out of your life so far. I agree that education is the most imprtant way to help you become all that you were meant to be. And your varied pursuits show an inquiring mind and love for chanllenge. Good for you.

  3. Awww, I love the words about your husband, you sound like a very cute couple. Thank you for sharing! :-)