Friday, February 10, 2012

Author KT Hall visits February 11

Lynette: How long have you been writing? What is your first writing/composing memory?
K.T.: I was in kindergarten and wrote a Tom-and-Jerry, cat-and-mouse kind of picture story. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I won some sort of award for it. I suppose my young mind made this connection with writing and reward, because I’ve had this drive to be a writer ever since.
Lynette: Where do you find inspiration for your stories?
Anywhere and everywhere. I used to be able to just look around, pick somebody, and “write”them in as a character in a fictional story. I haven’t done that as much recently, though. Usually, larger stories are the result of many different pieces and parts coming to together as they see fit. For example, in my upcoming story The Night Life, Richard Broozer (the main character) actually started out as being married to a woman named Peggy, who became an exotic dancer to pay off a debt. Now, Peggy is Tanya, who dances because of dreams lost, while Richard is somewhat of a lifelong bachelor.
Lynette: That sounds facinating. Can't wait to take a look at The Night Life.
Who had the most positive influence on your life and how?
K.T.: I’m not sure I can really pick one and only person to answer this question, since many people, including parents and teachers, managed to influence my life positively in some way over the years. Currently, my boyfriend is probably my most positive influence, not only because he’s my personal cheerleader, but also because he makes me eat when I’ve forgotten over the hours lost. :S
Lynette: What is your favorite movie and why?
K.T.: The Butterfly Effect is my favorite movie because of my love of time travel movies and the overarching question of “What would happen if [x] had/hadn’t occurred?” My books Family History: Part 1 and Family History: Part 2 both discuss the possibility of time travel and its consequences, though the outcome is far different then seen in The Butterfly Effect.
Lynette: If you had a time machine and could take one trip to any time in history, where would we find you?
K.T.: For some reason, I’m more fascinated with the changes that have occurred over the last century than any other century. Truthfully, I would love to have been born around the year 1900 just so I can grow up to watch the changes brought on by both World Wars, the rapid cultural changes during the 1960’s and ‘70’s, and of course, the emergence of so many technologies we take for granted today (radio, television, phone, etc.). However, if I had to choose one specific time to go back, I would probably travel back to about 1960 and seize every opportunity to see every famous rock band to emerge between then and about 1980.
Lynette: What are your hobbies?
K.T.: Writing, of course! Though if I’m not writing, there’s a decent possibility I’m running around somewhere with my camera on hand – I love photography.
Lynette: Tell us about your other occupations/jobs, besides writing.
Right now, I’m a blissfully unemployed student studying physiology.
Twitter: @KT_Hall_Author

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