Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Speculative Christian Fiction

I read an interview today with Jennifer Hartz, author of the Future Savior series. She labled her genre Speculative Christian Fiction. See the interview at http://abooklovingirl.blogspot.com/

That rang a bell for me immediately! Tami Dee and I are working on a series that is definately Speculative and we have struggled a little to keep a fantasy story line within our Christian values.

Fantasy has a tendency to go anywhere the imagination can go - so keeping it true to what we believe has become an ongoing conversation as we are finishing the first book of the series.

So tell me, what does Speculative Christian Fiction mean to you?  I think of some of my favorites, in the worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth, where good and evil are sketched out in detail that is true to our values and yet lets the imagination be pulled in.

What are your favorites?

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  1. I have been working on some Speculative works. And i understand the fun of making sure you keep it in line. Mine aren't fantasy works, more sic-fi.