Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day! Check out the February Love Stories

Here are some of my publisher's new releases for February (a few of them tomorrow)! These would make GREAT Valentine's Day gifts for yourself or someone you love. Lots of variety in styles and the time period in which they appear. All are available as e-books. Two are now available in print. As an added bonus, Desert Breeze Publishing clearly indentifies how sweet or racy each book is. Check out their site at http://www.desertbreezepublishing.com  You can get in many electronic formats to fit your personal e-reader.

When Jess Colton stops drinking, he replaces alcohol with food, and nothing Holly Harrison does eases the pain of her past mistakes. Can their romance survive the obstacles from their former lives?

New Orleans Detectives Book One: Cherished Witness
Kelly Watson - aka Teresa Pastral - A beautiful protected witness is forced to trust her life to the man who betrayed her to the mob. Can she also trust him with her heart? Now also available in print.
Rich McConnell's past catches up with him when a sniper's bullet shatters the quiet morning... and with it, his illusion of second chance love with Ada Blaine.

Of course you will also want to pick up Book One: Deadly Reflection.

Granite Rose 
In a rare test of love and courage, enemies ignite each other's souls and learn that love really does conquer all.

The Roarin' Twenties Book Two: Mercies in Disguise
Abigail Madison finally finds a man who captures her affections – Ticonderoga's steamboat pilot, Stanley Fisher. But will the tender shoots of love have a chance bloom after a serious illness strikes and threatens their happiness?

No Other
Getting his high school diploma was a necessity if Jakob Wilheimer was going to reclaim his life after the war. The last thing he expected was for Meri Parker, an old schoolmate, to be his teacher – or that reclaiming his life, meant saving hers.  A Desert Breeze best seller, now available in print.

Dangerous Ties
Lillian is just as much a victim as the townsfolk when her fiance runs off with their gold, though none of the townsfolk believe her and the most dangerous man in town is determined to make her talk.

                                      Restored Dreams
In Restored Dreams a struggling homeowner abandons all hope of making further repairs to her Victorian home until she learns to trust and love the contractor who restores her dreams.

Death Cheater
She's always suspected she could somehow cheat death, but Athena Gray has never fully understood why, until now.

Daradawn Book Two: The Emerald Dagger
Kelsey Cafferty returns to Daradawn to again battle the dark mage Dirkk., but this time Dirkk's evil is aided by the emerald dagger and the demon that lives inside of it. Will the magic of the blue flame be powerful enough to conquer both?
And of course Book One is also available at the publisher's site.


  1. Lynette,

    The gallery of books for Valentine's Day is wonderful. I'm an author proud to be amongst such good company! Thank you for your time and effort, and for letting us share the spotlight on this lovely, romantic day.


  2. Thank you, Lynette, for taking the time to spotlight our books. You are a blessing. I'm reading No Other now and it is wonderful. Hope to get to the others soon. June

  3. Thanks so much for doing this Lynette. The cover all look fantastic.

  4. It's beautiful! Thanks for having us here on your blog today. :)

  5. Thank you, Lynette, for the Valentines Day spotlight on our books. It is a lovely and thoughtful thing to do. Happy Valentines Day!


  6. We have both great books and great covers at Desert Breeze Publishing, huh? I am so proud to be in the company of such talent.