Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We have a cover!

It is here! The gorgeous cover for my debut book, More Than A Job, has just been finalized. Let me know if you love it as much as I do! Jenifer McConnell Ranieri, the cover artist, did a fabulous job.
Please join my blog, comment on this post, and follow. For the next month there will be a lot of excitement as we roll this one out!

Book will be available very soon!


  1. I think it is beautiful and makes me want to read it

  2. I love the new cover! I would love to be leaning against the other side of that tree reading the book!
    Also .. seems like there is a great place where you and I probable did lean on opposite sides of a tree and do our "Morning Watch"! --- just a random thought that hit me!

  3. I love this cover!! It makes me want to be on the other side of the tree reading the book!

    BTW -- it reminds me of many 'Morning Watch" times ...Maybe with you and I sharing the tree!

  4. okay... sorry for the double post ... it never came thru on my end!!

  5. LOL I thought you wanted three chances to win, Deb! Yes, part of what grabbed me about the cover is how it is so similar to the photos Dad took during Morning Watch at Bond Christian Service Camp. When you are sitting under a tree contemplating what the Lord has for you next, that is how you sit!