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WHO-HOO - First Draft of Animal Instinct Finished

The first book to be released in a new series - Time After Time - is finished at least in rough draft. I participated in Seekerville's challenge to finish a book in a month to get it done. It is the first book I've written on proposal - only the first few pages were finished with my publisher accepted it.

This is going to be a fun series. Author Tami Dee is working with me and we anticipate a series of six books. I am taking the lead on three and she is taking the lead on the other three.

The first to be published will be Animal Instinct, set in the 1970s. Allison Green is a veternarian and the descendent of a line of women who bear the Heartmark, a heart-shaped birthmark that identifies them as the target for Mildreth. Sean Barnett is the new detective in town. An evil from the past threatens to destroy the love developing between Allison and Sean. Will ancestral memories hold the key to freedom, or overwhelm them with fear? Allison must find a way to hold onto love. Will Sean be the man to help her break free of the ancient enemy who has traveled through time in order to cheat her of love?

There will be a sequel and four prequels.  Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite. You can find another on my website at

This is from the original story, the one that sets the structure for all the others. It is the prologue for Animal Instinct:

There is nothing so evil as this woman scorned. Mildreth's sword shone blood red, raised above the couple's heads, as she intoned swore she would keep them apart. Aleena pressed closer to Colin, cold fear curling in her chest. Was that blood running down the blade? She cried out when a steaming drop fell from the sword tip and burned into the flesh of her bare shoulder, leaving a heart-shaped mark. She clung to Colin, even though there was no warmth in his chest at her back. Aleena was unable to breath as terror and pain swirled around and within her.
"Know from this mark that not only you, but also your daughters will be hunted by me across the generations. They will have great tribulation in love, and a sword shall divide them from the mate of their soul."
The sword moved down swiftly, the tip leaving a cold breeze as it barely missed her cheek, aiming for the ivory that lay on the ground in front of her, accurately dividing in two the broach that Colin had presented to her as a wedding gift, before the beauty of their lovemaking, before the horror of Mildreth's appearance.
A flash of evil green sparked at the division, but before it could grow it was countered by a ball of golden light, coming from a motion of the Prophetess. Mildreth backed away from the warm glow of goodness and love that countered her evil intent. Before hope could rise in her breast, the Prophetess turned sympathetic eyes on them.
"I cannot take away the Mildreth's anger and evil intent, but I can give you hope." Her voice was as soft and airy as a summer breeze. "If Mildreth is intent on doing wrong to you and your daughters, I will protect you, at least in part. She can only intervene before their wedding vows are taken. Her desire to hurt your daughters has backfired. She will be thrown through time by her evil desire to harm you and yours, generation after generation.
"You," here she pointed the wand at the cowering enemy, "will be the instrument of your own evil anger, doomed to live through all generations, to find the offspring of Aleena, and to prevent her happiness if you can. You cannot do actual harm to them or those who love them, but you can attempt to derail their happiness if you must. I pray one day you will see the error of your hatred and replace it with love - but until you do, you may attempt to keep those who love apart from each other."
The prophetess turned glowing, sapphire blue eyes to them, the expression on her beautiful, semi-translucent face kind and full of empathy.
"Aleena, Colin, know that your daughter's daughters will not be alone as they battle this enemy. Each will be given three helpers.'
A soft golden glow shown around the prophetess as she uttered her assurances.
"First, each will have a helper from among the animal kingdom, as represented in the carvings of the broach. This animal will be given knowledge beyond its kin, and will protect each child, and will help to bring her together with the one who will complete her soul and give her joy.
Her glow became brighter as her healing words flowed over Aleena.
"Second, your daughters and their true loves will be given memories, passed on through generations, dormant until they are needed, which will assist them in the time of greatest need."
Now the glow was so bright, Aleena shielded her eyes with a trembling hand.
"And finally, the broach." The carvings of the two parts began to glow in response to her words. "Aleena, pick up the center, the part with the clasp."
Aleena's hand trembled as she reached for the sleeping cat carved in ivory, which formed the center of the piece. It was unexpectedly cool to her touch.
"This," said the Prophetess, "shall be passed down to the daughters who bear the Heartmark." She gestured to the heart-shaped burn on her shoulder. "When they find the part that completes the broach, they will know what is needed to break the curse."
The Prophetess turned her attention to Colin.
"Colin, pick up the remainder."
Colin did as he was told.
"Hold it in your left hand and take out your Sgian Dubh with your right." He pulled the dagger from his hose, below his kilt. Both began to glow in his hands.
She nodded her approval. "Press them together."
The handle of his long dagger was plain bone. When it touched the remainder of the ivory broach, however, the carved relief of the animals from the broach melded into the handle. "You will pass the knife to a man you deem worthy, a friend whose valor saves your life or the life of one you love. Tell him this story, and the blade will always find its way to the lover of her soul when a daughter of Aleena is in need."
In a flash of green and yellow light, both enemy and Prophetess were gone.
Aleena let out a shuttering breath and pressed closer to Colin, turning to bury her face in his chest. Immediately his warm, strong arms came around her, and she sobbed for several long moments as he stroked her hair and murmured reassurances in her ear.
"Hush, love, you're safe. We will survive this."
"Are you sure?" She leaned back a little, and the cold flat of the Sgian Dubh brushed her shoulder as Colin shifted his hold, and with his other hand, tilted her face up toward his own.
She still held the broach in her hand. In that moment the carving on the broach was drawn to the relief on the handle. They came together in a perfect fit.
Aleena stared at the joined carvings, then shifted her gaze to the green, clear eyes of her husband. She shook her head in disbelief. "Is this real?" Her voice came out in a raspy whisper. "What does it mean?"

"I think it means that, for our generation at least, we are safe from any further interference from Mildreth." His shadowed eyes snagged and held hers. Sadness simmered within their green depths. "But God help our daughters."

Check it out - I visit the Cuffe Sisters

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This week I am visiting with Sadie and Sophie Cuffe. Stop by their blog at and learn more! And yes, we are talking about More Than a Job.

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Overbooked for this book release

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I am visiting today...

Stop by Jillian Chantal's blog and read an excerpt from More Than a Job, and a little out my writing journey. I will be visiting other authors most of this next week, and every one is asking different questions. Fun!

I read through other posts - Jillian has some great items on her blog.

And don't forget to scroll through the posts here. I have had a lot of great authors as guests and you will find books you must have!

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In Honor of St. Patrick's Day, an excerpt from an Irish-themed book

Morgan Gable first falls for Daniel Connolly, a popular Irish tenor, when she hears him sing. Starstruck, she is consumed by thoughts of love with the handsome troubadour.

Real life intrudes and Morgan must put aside her own dreams for awhile. Five years later, she and her troubadour meet again, AND fate hands her the chance to make her every wish come true. Daniel entices her into a marriage of convenience. Can she save him from the treacherous political legacy of his late wife?

Set in 1871, the story sweeps from the tragedy of the Chicago Fire to the streets of New York and finally to the wild, dangerous coast of Ireland. Is Daniel merely using Morgan for his own deceptions? Or is she right to listen with her heart?

In this excerpt, Morgan has followed the trail of her husband's kidnappers, a ragtag group of Fenians, to an abandoned monastery on a high rocky island off the coast of Ireland:


Eventually, Duff was forced to lower his gun and lend an arm to assist Morgan up the stone steps, slick with seaspray and moss.  "A woman in yer condition should be home by the fire, not traipsin' about the countryside."
 "Someone should have thought of that before they kidnapped my husband."
 "Kidnapped ain't precisely the word for it, now, is it?  More like arrested and held in the cause o’ justice, I would say."
 What little breath she had whooshed out of her lungs.  Gasping, Morgan yanked her arm away from him and leaned against the cliff wall.  "Then you do have him!"
 "I didn't say that.  Exactly."
 "But you know what happened to him."
 "I've heard of Daniel Connolly, yes.  A man lucky in his wives, it seems, if little else."
 "Then he's alive?"
 His eyes searched hers and whatever look of fear, or misery, or desperation he saw there, he relented and dealt her a tiny scrap of mercy.  "Last I heard, he was."
 At the top of the steps, a surprising number of tumbled stone dwellings was scattered across the shallow dish of Carr Bearnach's gap.  There were far more than was visible from the sea.  More vulnerable than Skellig Michael, Bridey had told her, this monastery had borne several Viking invasions to be rebuilt each time more humbly, more huddled together in the center of the gap, out of sight.  But when the Viking threat diminished, so had the fervor of its monks.  One by one they deserted or died, leaving only the fanatic remnants, zealous hermits who craved the isolation of this gray rock.  The last of those died hundreds of years ago, and now their ruined monastery was home to fanatics of another sort.
 Not far to the north was Valentia Island, the site of the first trans-Atlantic telegraph connection.  With the capture of this island the Fenians had hoped to proclaim success for their uprising around the world in '67.  But it was not to be.  Foiled again by traitors and informants, the Fenians were broken, arrested, and deported. 
 Of the few fragments of the group that remained untouched, this bunch at Carr Bearnach was a hapless lot, Bridey had said.  This Fenian crew was rife with dissension, blessed only in its choice of hidey-holes.  In '67, this group had the chore of plugging the leaks that had ruined every other Fenian plot.  Four years later, they were still looking for a way to make up for their failure.
 "And what do ye have here, Duff?  A past mistake come back to haunt ye?"  The man slouched in the doorway of a beehive-shaped hut.  Bigger than Duff and better looking, he had a look of danger in his ice blue eyes, a look that made Morgan think he couldfl do murder, smiling all the while.
 "None o' that now, Plunkett.  I'll have ye know, this lady is Mrs. Daniel Connolly.  Come all the way from America in search of her husband."
 Plunkett straightened and approached them.  He circled Morgan, appraising her.  "Ah, so.  Chasin' after the wild goose, are ye?"
 Morgan stood stiffly and endured his humiliating inspection.  "Not if my husband is here."
 "Maybe he is and maybe he isn't."
 "I want to talk to Carew."
 "Oh, Carew, is it?  What makes you think he can help ye."
 "I was told he was your leader."
 "And who told ye that?  Eamonn, lookin' for a new leader, are ye?"
 "I didn't tell her any such thing."
 "It wasn't Mr. Duff.  I had the information from...  from another source." 
 "Bridey Falkner brung her."
 "Ah, well, that explains it.  Carew is old news around here.  Been gone so long, we plumb forgot what he looks like.  I'm the leader now.  Tighe Plunkett, at yer sarvice."
 "Is my husband here?"
 "Supposin' he was, what would ye say?"
 "I'd say, you've arrested the wrong person."
 Plunkett folded his arms across his chest and looked down his long nose at her.  "Did we now?"
 Morgan had planned this moment for so long.  It was the only way to save him.  It all depended on her now.  She called on every trace of the actor’s blood in her.  "Daniel Connolly did not murder Michael Flynn.  I did."
 Tighe Plunkett tilted his head back and laughed.  He laughed so loud and long that tears ran down his cheeks.  "Kilt him, did ye?  I'll just bet ye did.  I'll bet ye took turns killin' each other.  Old Ladykiller Flynn."  He poked his finger into her belly.  "And is this the evidence ye brought to prove it?"
 She caught his finger and squeezed it as hard as she could, gouging him with her nails.  A deadly fire leaped behind the ice of his eyes.  She let him go.  "Don't ever touch me again.  And don't you dare laugh at me.  I'm telling you the truth.  Daniel Connolly is innocent.  Michael Flynn is dead because of me."
 "Oh, I don't doubt a word ye say, Mrs. Connolly.  Not a word."  He didn't laugh this time, but he flashed a smile as sharp and deadly as a dagger.  "Put her in the tombs, Duff."
 "In the tombs?  You mean with— ?"
 "Alone, ye fool.  As our guest, Mrs. Connolly deserves her privacy." 
 But she was not alone.  Not in the tombs, the burial vaults beneath the ruined church at the center of the monastery.  Morgan took the thin feather ticking and the blankets that were given her and made a nest of them against one wall.  All around her she imagined she heard the whispered prayers of the buried monks.  The flickering halo of her one candle cast shadows on the walls, making deep hollows of the carved words and names and dates.  Requiescat en pace.  Brother Columban.  Brother Eustace.  Brother Auliffe. 
 Daniel, where are you?  We need you.  She tried to sleep but the monks kept whispering.  First in prayers.  Then in hymns.  A voice so sweet, it could have been Daniel's.  She almost thought it was Daniel's.  And then, at last, she could sleep.

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A Legacy of Lies by Stephenia H. McGee

Sarah Sanders is so stressed-out at college that she’s having fainting spells. She’s behind on the rent and facing eviction. Dropping out of school feels inevitable. Needing a break, she accepts her boyfriend’s invitation to visit his parents’ ranch out west. But she finds much more in Montana than fresh air and mountain trails.
Ranch hand Jim Anderson has suffered from night terrors for over a year. But despite this secret struggle, his life at the ranch had been a welcomed escape from his past. Until those terrifying dark shadows started coming for him in the middle of the afternoon.
Brought together by an unseen hand, Sarah and Jim must travel across the country to unravel a web of deceit and uncover Jim’s long history of lies before the evidence is sealed away forever.

Jim settled into the brushed leather of his ranching saddle. The saddle had a deep seat and the fenders turned the stirrups out perfectly. He was as comfortable here as most men were in a recliner in front of the television. He tried to keep his mind off Sarah's emerald eyes. No luck.

Focus on something else.
The deep indigos and golden streaks had faded from the sky, the sun now sat high enough over the white mountain peaks to start warming the air. A clear sky promised a peaceful day. It would be nice to spend the day--
What the...
A streak of color blurred past him. Ciervo lurched underneath him. Jim cursed under his breath, trying to steady his spooked mount. Up ahead he saw clods of soft earth flying up from behind galloping hooves. Panic set in.

Runaway horse.


Jim squeezed his legs as he leaned into the saddle and lowered his head. Ciervo dipped his haunches and rocketed forward. Within a stride his horse extended to a full gallop, his hooves barely hitting the ground. In mere seconds, they were gaining on the other horse. A sorrel. 
Jim flung the reins around his body. The leather ends popped into Ciervo's thick hindquarters. The horse lowered his head and surged. Amazingly, the powerful buckskin found another gear. Jim's hat flew off, the leather strap catching hard against his neck. The wind buffeted his face. He squinted his eyes, leaned forward in the saddle, and gripped the reins with both hands. His body was now moving in rhythm with the horsepower beneath him.
Ciervo heaved in massive amounts of air. Pounding hooves and the horse's deep snorting breaths drowned the startled cries behind them. Ciervo's tail whipped through the air. Jim urged him on. Ten more feet. Five. He came even with the sorrel and reached for the reins, his fingers barely grazing the leather. He leaned further and Ciervo followed Jim's lead, nearly brushing against the other horse as the two animals raced across the valley. He reached out again and finally grabbed the runaway horse's rein.
"Hang on." Jim shouted above the deafening thunder of pounding hooves.
In one fluid motion, he planted his feet in the stirrups, rocked back in the saddle, and jerked Sarah's left rein down to his thigh. Sassy's head jerked, her neck curving until her muzzle met her shoulder. The mare's front feet planted into the soft earth, her massive weight tearing loose the grass underneath. As Sarah crashed into the saddle horn, a whoosh of air escaped her lips. Ciervo lowered his haunches and buried down to his hocks in the dirt. They came jerking to a halt. For a second no one moved. Jim let out his breath.
He looked at Sarah. She bent over the saddle horn, gasping for air. Her face splotchy red. When she caught her breath, she glared at him, her eyes nearly shooting daggers.
"What do you think you're doing? Are you crazy?" Sarah yelled at him and snatched her rein from his hand. Jim's jaw dropped. He could only stare at her. He'd just risked his life to save hers and she yelled at him? His fingers tightened on his reins, clenching into tight fists.
He knew it. Nothing but trouble.

A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery by Kris Tualla

<i>Discreet Gentleman Book One</i> A Discreet Gentleman of DiscoveryLynette: So Kris, an exciting day with the release of your new book.  Are you giving away anything to celebrate?
Kris: I'm giving away a keychain from the cathedral ruins (which are in the book) in Hamar, Norway, plus a "Norway is the new Scotland" coffee mug.

Lynette: Ruins?  Is your book contemporary or set in another time?
Kris: It is set in southern Norway in 1720.

Lynette: And this is only the first release in a series?
Kris: Yes. All of my heroes are Hansens, part of the fictional dynasty from Arendal, Norway. When I was thinking of intense heroes, I realized that Brander Hansen was deaf - and the story grew from there.

Lynette: I know you have a celebration going on over at your blog, also. And a comment there enters the reader in a contest for your keychain. What is that address?

I know your hero is deaf. I am excited to read about your main character. And I know you have a book trailer in American Sign Language.

Kris: My silent trailer is here:
And for the signing impaired:

I have a lot to say about writing a deaf man in the 18th century!
Dee Adams has done everything for the love of her adolescent son including lying to protect him from pain. When her old flame returns, her wall of secrets starts to crumble.

After thirteen years of running from the past, Matt Black returns to the only place he called home intent on making peace with his family and Dee. When he forms a tight bond with Dee's son Jared, Matt falls for her again and he wants to be a family. When Dee's secret is revealed, the only way to become a family is to forgive and rebuild their trust for one another.


Dee dropped her jean-clad legs, and Matt let her slide inch by inch down his muscular body until her boots touched the floor. Her cheeks burned hot as she smoothed his ivory cable knit sweater before she took a step back. She ran her nervous fingers through her chin-length bob. "Sorry. I don't know what got into me." It sure felt good, though, to be in those solid arms once again. Her dreams didn't compare to the true pleasure of the real thing. His electric blue eyes sucked her back in with their dance of merriment. She itched to bury her fingers back in his unruly curls. She longed to nibble his smiling lips while her knees melted into liquid.

"Well, hi there, Dee. I haven't seen you since..."

"Steve's funeral." The memory doused her flames with ice-cold water, bringing back the red-hot anger she had harbored for the last thirteen years. Right after the funeral service of their good friend, Dee's ex, he left town as fast as his rusted Mustang would go. Not one word to her. After all they had shared together, he just took off, proving she meant nothing to him.

"Yeah. That day changed our lives." Matt pursed his lips at the painful memory.

Jared, who had held back with his hands in his jacket, let his scowl soften. He stepped around his mother and looked up to Matt, his blue eyes filled with anticipation. "You knew my father?"

Matt looked from Jared to Dee, and she prayed the wooden floor would turn to sand and swallow her up. It didn't. Instead she gave Matt a curt nod. His eyes dimmed and his face hardened for a split second before a forced smile appeared. He looked back down to Jared.

"Steve was your father?"

Link to buy now:
Twitter: susan_jaymes

Kris and her hero are celebrating with a dance!

Check it out - hilarious!

I love that this is the deaf, 18th century hero. The disability rights/justice side of my brain is smiling at that.

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Caina Fuller visits Sue Perkins' blog today and tells us a little about herself and her book The Witnessing, the first book in her Young Adult "The Good Shepherds" series. Both Caina and Sue would love you to drop by and leave a comment.

Learn more about Kris and her book at these links:

This is the trailer with sound:
This is the trailer with ASL:

Founder of Arizona Dreamin' ~ Arizona's ONLY Romance Reader Event!
Susan Jaymes and her new release is found at Facebook:

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We are at a party today - a virtual party. Through the day you will meet some of the authors and books being released today. We are having a PARTY! to celebrate. Leave a comment or follow/join this blog for a chance to win one of the books released in March. Follow the links to see the sites of the authors and publisher and to BUY NOW.

Check out Caina Fuller's new Young Adult book, The Witnessing

<i>The Good Shepherds Book One</i> The WitnessingMurder is as old as mankind. As long as people have died at the hand of their fellow man there have been those with the special ability to see the souls of the murdered. They are called Shepherds, and it is their duty to usher these souls, the Specters, to the afterlife where they can finally find eternal peace.

The Good Shepherds tells the story of Maya Ford and Mark Wilson, a young Shepherd pair with a destiny to bring about great change to the old traditions the Shepherds have followed since the time of the first murder. They will challenge their kind to set aside old prejudices, to open their minds and hearts to gain a greater understanding of the Unredeemables, a race of Specters the Shepherds have been at odds with since the dawn of time. It is only through Maya and Mark that both sides can finally find peace.

He coughed, and blood sprayed from his mouth, prompting him to moan in pain. He gripped his stomach, but the pain only made him angrier. He struggled to speak again.

"Listen to me," He gasped weakly. "Do something. I know you can help me. You can see me, so why don't you do something?"
This was one Specter I felt zero sympathy for. He frightened me, and I didn't like to be frightened. I decided right there that I didn't like the ghosts of Coalton. They were pushy and demanding, unlike the kind ones I'd known in Huntington. They also didn't listen very well. This was the first time since I started seeing Specters that I had to repeat an order for them to cease and desist.
With more force and determination I shouted at him. "I said leave me alone. Get out!"
I thanked God it worked that time. The Specter glared resentfully as he receded and faded to nothing, but I soon found him lingering in my room like a stubborn bad smell when I came to the kitchen, standing with the four young men I'd Banished earlier that morning. 
Then they did something that surprised me: They looked at one another and then looked at me. These five men weren't alone in some half-life hell. They were together, aware of each other, suffering as a group rather than alone. I'd seen a mother-child pair once before in Huntington, but I'd never seen a group of Specters who were as aware of each other as they were of me.
"You can see each other?" I asked. They didn't respond, and for the first time since I met little Margaret, I got angry at their silence. I slammed my hand down on the counter and shouted at them, "Answer me!"
Instead of obeying they looked at me with something that resembled fear and then exploded into smoke.
Download now!

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Sneak Peak!

I hear by the grapevine that some of these fine releases are already posted at some of the book sites. Sneak peak at

PAR-TAY March 15! New releases and the authors are celebrating!

What do Caina Fuller, Susan Jaymes, Stephenia McGee,  and Kris Tualla and have in common? All these authors have a book released March 15 with Desert Breeze Publishing.

And we are celebrating on our blogs all day tomorrow. We will be visiting each other, telling about our books and our writing experience, and on this blog, giving away a copy of my March 1 release, More than a Job, to one lucky winner who comments between now and 11:00 p.m. Pacific on March 15

Time for fireworks, loud singing, congratulations, confetti and maybe even a little virtual champagne.

Introductions, first.

Welcoming Caina Fuller - Release  - The Witnessing
I'm a small town country girl who has always loved to read. I started out interested in writing fan fiction and decided, through encouragement from family, to begin writing original fiction. I still enjoy reading, writing fan fiction, and recently I've begun learning to draw. I have a long abiding passion for graphic art. I design book covers and also enjoy working on fan art in the Xena, Smallville, Doctor Who, and Merlin fandoms.

Susan Jaymes, Release  - Guilty Hearts
Susan Jaymes has lived in Wisconsin all her life. She fell in love with reading at a very young age. Shortly after high school she married her first love. She tells us, "We have two sons who are our pride and joy. When my children were grown and gone, I found myself writing contemporary romance stories. There is nothing better than a good drama."
She enjoys her cats, cross stitch and of course reading.
Stephenia McGee, Release - A Legacy of Lies 
Stephenia McGee wrote her first story from a first-grade spelling list. Many more have followed, but A Legacy of Lies is her first novel. She is a member of the Christian Writer's Guild and continues to work with other writers to hone her craft.
In addition to writing, Stephenia also enjoys painting and working with horses. She has a bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University in animal science and has worked and trained for several equestrian farms. She is the Chairman at Spirit Horse Ministries, and continues to use these skills in the youth programs.

She is a lifetime member of the AQHA and a member of the Fort Rosalie chapter of the DAR.
Stephenia is married to her best friend and greatest blessing, Jason, and they currently live in Mississippi with their two sons.
Kris Tualla, Release - A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery
Kris is, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romances, writes with a fast-paced and succinct style. Her plots are full of twists, passion, and very satisfying outcomes! Kris started in 2006 with nothing but a nugget of a character in mind, and has created a dynasty. Kris, tell us a little about yourself.
I am an active member of both Romance Writers of America and the Historical Novel Society. I enjoy speaking and teaching, and created Arizona Dreamin' - Arizona's first romance-reader event!   In the Historical Romance genre, there have been literally countless kilted warrior stories told. Well, I say it's time for a new breed of heroes! Come along with me and find out why: Norway IS the new Scotland!  Big, blond, buff and beautiful men, with eyes the colors of seawater, and the wild, untamable blood of their Viking ancestors flowing through their veins. Do you feel it? The Hansen Men of Arendal, Norway - whose stories extend from post-plague Europe in 1354 through the 1840s American western expansion - are just such heroes.

OK, Kris, now I am drooling.  What a great set of books! Check in to all the blogs for chances for free books.

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Author Linda McMaken

We talked yesterday about your latest book, Granite Rose. I hope everyone had a chance to go to the trailer. It is so intriguing. That was

But Granite Rose isn't your first book. I have a lot of family that have lived in or near Wyoming who love a good cowboy romance. Tell us a little about Baer Truth.

Abby Clark, a vegetarian, punk rock back-up singer and city-slicker gets kicked off the band tour bus in the middle of nowhere, also known as Sentinel, Wyoming.

Stuck with nothing but a talent for cooking and the singing voice of an angel, she manages to disturb a very cranky, cold-hearted bear, um, Baer.

Joe Baer, a sexy Wyoming beef rancher. He has a nasty ex-girlfriend, killer blue eyes, a ranch mortgage that’s due, and a past that even he never suspected. Just when it looks like beef might be what’s for dinner, the “Earl of Country Music” steps into the picture. He’s a sexy vegetarian with a killer smile and connections that could launch a stellar-career for Abby.

Snow, tractors, country superstars, an unforgettable rodeo, and a tornado named Abby, will bring these "baers" out of hibernation.

Would you be willing to close out with contact information and an exerpt from Baer Truth?

Website: Blog:
Facebook and Twitter:
FB / TW:

Baer Truth:  At Desert Breeze Publishing

My books are also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Thanks for coming by this week, Linda. Here is that promised exerpt:
Two steps toward Joe and her foot slipped. Her left knee crunched against the running board of truck and her right knee crunched into his groin. Her flailing hand caught his coat pocket, ripping it off in one quick motion. Joe's head snapped backward from the sudden impact to his groin. His head slammed into the steering wheel, smacking the truck horn. The horn didn't stop when Joe's head came back up.

Abby pulled herself off his chest and out of the truck. Her knee hurt like hell. She leaned against the fender.

The horn was loud, very loud, like a hoarse goose -- and it didn't stop.

Joe limped to the front of the truck, and raised the hood. The horn was still blaring, the snow was falling heavier, and George and Margaret were staring out the café window.

With an angry yank, Joe pulled a wire that stopped the horn. Peering at her from under the safety of the hood, he shook his head. "My barn, my nuts, my truck -- are you planning on wrecking anything else in my life?" He slammed the hood down. Globs of snow plopped onto the parking lot. He pulled the earring from his pants pocket and let it fall onto the snow-crusted truck hood. Abby yanked it off the hood and stomped into the restaurant. His truck started and he drove away.

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And the winner this week is...

My therapy dog, Ollie drew names from among the visitors to my blog and Shanna's as she hosted me this past week.

You can find the last interview, today's, on her blog at

The winner of a copy of More Than a Job is Donna K. Weaver. Donna, contact me at and tell me what format you want and I will arrange your download of this new eBook.

Thanks to everyone for this week's fun visits.

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First Kiss

Read the first kiss from my new release, More Than A Job, then comment, join or follow either my host, Shaunna Gonzales or here and you will be included in the drawing for a free eBook with the rest of the story!

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Linda McMaken's Granite Rose

Those of you who have visited my home - either here in California or in Kansas before our move 12 years ago have seen my castle collection, in the beautiful glass cabinet with castle turrets hand made by my husband and a friend. More about that another day ...

But suffice it to say this cover fascinates me.  Come back tomorrow to learn more about Linda McMaken and Granite Rose.

Here's a blub:

Sworn to uphold his Emperor's orders, General Marcus Alexius must silence his inner voice to obey an Imperial command that his conscious is rebelling against.  He is asked to perform a clandestine kidnapping of the Dacian Princess - the princess of a country that executed his brother, and insure her safekeeping.

Sianna Cynara, the Princess of Dacia must endure the treachery of Rome, the enslavement of her country, her people and the horrible realization that her father might have sacrificed her to realize his dreams of Imperialism. 

They are thrust together in a Roman Empire where the Emperor has no heir, and where the dark forces of Rome’s elite Patrician society work to ensure one of their own will be named the successor.  The enemies of the Emperor bribe, coerce and murder to ensure General Alexius will never become emperor and that the Dacian Princess becomes a spectator sport in the Coliseum.  Thrust together by elements out of their control, two bitter enemies will find solace in each other's arms and the courage to challenge the powers of the Roman Empire. 

Interview with Linda McMaken

You are releasing a new book. What is it about?

My latest book is a very different type of writing for me. The Granite Rose is a drama, I can't really call it a romance although there is a romance within it. It is set in ancient Rome A.D. 98 and historically recounts an accurate vision of the period. The emperor is Trajan and he rules a Rome at its height of power.

Dacia was a real kingdom and its ruler Decabalus was strong, determined and wanted his country free of Rome's rule. There were actually several battles between the two nations, the last one ending in the complete annihilation of Dacia. There is a column still standing in Rome called Trajan's Column that depicts the last battle.

In Romania, (what was Dacia) there is a huge stone monument to Decabalus. It's a rather fascinating moment in history. I took the moment and added a fictional hero and heroine to the mix.

Introduce us to your key characters. Are they patterned after anyone you know?

First is my hero, General Marcus Alexius. He is strong, he is handsome, he is a patriotic Roman general. A battled hardened general loyal to his emperor. Many in Rome think he is in line to be the next emperor, but he has no such delusions.

Sianna Cynara, the royal princess of Dacia is a young, beautiful, headstrong woman. She is too far ahead of her time and pays the price for that on many occasions. Her father is strong, and wants a Dacia that is not obligated to Rome. His method of gaining independence from Rome will cost him dearly.

Both of them have been severely emotionally wounded, Marcus by the murder of his brother, and Sianna by the murder of her mother.

The characters aren't based on anyone, although I had a really great fantasy of Russell Crowe's image floating in my head playing Marcus!

Fun! How about an exerpt to whet our appetite?

Exerpt: Granite Rose
They entered the villa, finding Trajan and Hadrian engaged in a heated argument, ending with Trajan throwing a goblet across the room.

Marcus entered first, keeping Sianna behind him.

"You," Trajan yelled, pointing as he walked toward her. "Dacian, I want to talk to you now." 

"What has happened Trajan?" Marcus asked, keeping himself between the raging emperor and Sianna.

"That barbarian Decebalus killed Longius." He grabbed her arm, jerking her out from behind Marcus. "Why Dacian?"

With Hadrian's help, Marcus wrenched Trajan's hand off her arm. The small struggle seemed to relax Trajan's temper. He stomped across the room. Sianna shuddered. Gods, could her father have betrayed her again? Could he have forfeited her life by killing the Roman?

"She was here, she had nothing to do with his murder," Hadrian pleaded.

"When did you receive word?" Marcus asked, helping Sianna to a chair. "Stay quiet, say nothing, understand?" he whispered to her.

"Tonight." Hadrian handed a rolled parchment to him. "Decebalus states he had him executed seven days ago when negotiations broke down."

"May I read it?" Sianna meekly asked.

"You have no right to read it, Dacian," Trajan yelled across the room.

Sianna stood up, scared and angry. "If my father is being accused of murder, I have every right to find out why." Her temper soared. If her life was already forfeit, she had no reason to hold her tongue.

She took the parchment from Marcus and read it carefully. "This was written by a Roman," she quietly announced.

"It was written by your father," Hadrian corrected her.

"No, a Roman wrote this. The name of our capitol city, Sarmizegetusae, is spelled the way it would appear in Latin, not Dacian." She laid the parchment on a table, pointing out the Latin word to Trajan

"It excuses nothing. Your father is a murderer." Trajan pointed a finger at her, inches from her face. The man who had kissed her hand and thanked her for saving his wife only just weeks ago was gone. In his place was a Roman warrior, a general, an emperor that was about to decimate her country.

"Why would he tell you he killed him? Don't you think he would let you believe he was still alive to get me back? He had no reason to murder this man. Someone is trying to slander his name by falsely accusing him." She was not willing to believe her father would actually jeopardize her life, not this way, not this easily. "Someone with much to gain by a war between our nations is responsible for this." The Dacian traitor, she thought.

"No, Dacian, for this Decebalus and Dacia will pay and will pay dearly." Trajan slammed a fist against a table.

Sianna pulled the dagger from Hadrian's sheath and charged across the room. "Here," she stabbed it into the wooden table, almost piercing Trajan's hand. "If you need a Dacian life to make things equal, take mine." She fell to her knees offering her life.

In an instant, Trajan ripped the dagger from the table, grabbing her hair at the nape of the neck, bending her head backwards, and held the blade tight against her throat.

"Trajan, no." Marcus unsheathed his dagger. Hadrian grabbed his arm. Marcus slung him against the wall. "Trajan."

"Are you scared to die, Dacian?" Trajan was cold, cruel.
 Come back on March 5 for more from Linda.

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Let's Talk About PWD

Check in tomorrow when Shaunna and I talk about characters with disabilities.

In More Than A Job, Paige unravels the mystery in her family history that has to do with an Uncle with developmental disabilities.

This isn't a documentary, so the topics of institutionalization, sex and marriage between people with developmental disabilities, and the right to have children are not fully explored, but are touched on as they impact Paige's life.

The family secrets are more devastating to her because her career, before she lost her job, is to make sure people with developmental disabilities have a good life in the community.

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Coming soon: Sequel to Shawna Williams' Orphaned Hearts

Lynette: Shawna, in a recent interview you told us a little about Orphaned Hearts. Can you refresh my memory? Where did the book come from?

Shawna:  Orphaned Hearts was inspired by my grandparents. My granddad was an orphan and one day I began to ponder what it meant to him when he became a father. Not having grow up with a family and then to have one of his own, his perspective had to be different.

Lynette: I have read this truly fine book. I loved it.  I am not surprised a sequel is planned.
Shawna: The upcoming sequel to Orphaned Heart was spurred by my readers’ enthusiasm to know more.

Lynette: Tell the new readers a little about Orphaned Heart.

Shawna: Pastor David Langley understands six-year old Caleb Holsheyer -- what it feels like to be damaged and alone. His family killed in a fire, and his body severely burned, David grew up in an orphanage, ridiculed and shunned. He couldn’t let that be Caleb’s fate.

When adoption plans fall through, David is desperate to find Caleb a new home. But in the midst of the Great Depression, most families are barely getting by. No one seems willing to take on the responsibility of an extra mouth, especially one belonging to a crippled child.

Except for Sadie Miller, the town spinster. In Sadie, David sees the answer to Caleb's needs. But Child Welfare doesn't agree, and demands other arrangements be found, or the boy be returned to the orphanage.

David and Sadie team up, determined to find a home for an orphaned child, but while searching, might they find a family instead.


"How could they think Caleb's not normal? He's as normal as any other child." Sadie folded her arms in front of her. "Goodness gracious! You're telling me he can be adopted – just not by me -- but he can't be placed-out to anyone?"

"I'm afraid so."

"I've never heard anything more preposterous. I don't even know where to begin."

"I know, Sadie." David gently placed his hand on her arm. "It makes no sense to me either."

Sadie huffed and then looked down at his hand. Strong, warm... ringless. Caleb could be adopted, but only by a family with a mother and a father. A married couple.

She envisioned how a gold band would look circling the base of his finger and suddenly realized she'd unknowingly extended her own hand and was holding it outward, like she showcased her own imaginary matching ring.

Good heavens! Sadie curled her fingers into a fist and then extended them again, curled and extended. "Guess I spent too much time kneading dough today." She giggled like a silly girl and glanced at David to see if he believed the excuse.

His brow creased with a look of concern. "Does it hurt?" He took her hand and cradled it like a wounded puppy. His tenderness melted her to her core. Why couldn't she be young and beautiful, someone he'd want? How she'd love to share her home with him... her bed... her life. If he married her, they could be Caleb's parents. They could have more children. If she was able. If she wasn't too old.

Sadie watched his beautiful face as he tended to her hand, gently massaging her palm. He might marry her, for Cale--

What was she thinking!

"It's fine," Sadie said, pulling her hand from his. It was a farce. She wasn't hurt; she was just taking advantage of his kindness. Just like she'd be doing if she suggested he marry her for Caleb's sake. He might very well do it. It would be for Caleb's well-being, but her own selfish motivation would be hidden in there as well. David didn't feel that way about her, and she wouldn't use Caleb's misfortune to trap him. What sort of person would that make her?

She side-glanced to find that he stared at her, with something strange dancing in his eyes.

"Sadie, did you know that you're lovely?"

She had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. "You spend too much time in your office."

"But I haven't. I've been spending it with you."

She knit her brow, her heart pounding like thunder. What on earth was he saying?

"There is no one like you, Sadie Miller," he said. The depth in his hazel eyes held an unspoken draw, beckoning her to him. She felt herself leaning, and she tried to resist, but some invisible force seemed to be pulling her closer... and closer... Her eyes started to close.

"You'll make some man very happy someday," David blurted, averting his gaze as he stood. "I should go. I have to be on the road early." He tightened his necktie and straightened his collar, then nodded courteously without looking directly at her. "We will find Caleb a home."

Before she could respond he'd trotted down the steps of her front porch and off into the dark without even saying goodbye.

Sadie sat alone on the swing, heat radiating within her. Her hand went to her mouth. Had she almost kissed him?

Have Mercy! No wonder he'd suddenly run off. How would she face him tomorrow? She looked into the blackness where David had disappeared, the humiliating moment replaying in her mind.

Wait a minute. He was leaning too. Had he -- had he almost kissed her back?
A sequel to this wonderful book is due in December, 2012.

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It has been fun to talk with friends and relatives who tell me they have finished reading my book! I hope they will be posting their reviews soon! Both here and on Amazon. Comments very welcomed.

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Finish a book in a week? a month? a year?

speedbo participant.jpgI wrote More Than A Job in a Book in a Week challenge with a writing group I belonged to over in San Jose, CA.  My prior books had been years in the making, so this was quite a new concept to me. While of course there was critique and editing to do afterwards, the book was finished, so that when my friend Tami Dee said she would refer me to her editor if I could send a manuscript within the week, I could do that. The release yesterday of More Than A Job was the result.

I have a book contract for a book that is only about half way finished. Animal Instinct is the first to be published of the Time After Time series that Tami and I are working on together. I have an outline to two other volumes in that set. When I signed up for SPEEDBO it is with the goal of finishing Animal Instinct AND an earlier book in the same series set on the Western plains of the US around the beginning of the 20th Century. So starting today I am going to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

Debra Parmley is interviewing me over on her blog

Go check it out. I am on a virtual book tour! The release party here is continuing, so read through the excerpts below, go to the web site, and comment, join or follow for a chance to win the new book, More Than a Job. And of course download the book and read it this weekend! If you already have it and you win I will give you a choice of another copy to give to your friend or the download of my next book, Animal Instinct. 

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