Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading again!

When painful arthritis flared up in my thumbs I began to adjust my lifestyle.  I dropped most of my Facebook games.  I changed to a bigger mouse at my desktop.  Sometimes I wore a hand brace to drive any distance to keep my hand in good alignment and to keep me from gripping the wheel too hard - which I would pay for later.  And I stopped carrying my latest read with me.

I travel quite a bit for work, and used to carry four books - the current one, and three to move through as the trip progressed.  Often I could finish all four during the flights and waiting times.

But I found I could no longer hold a book open for long periods of time. 

What to do?

For me, the e-reader has opened up the reading world again.  I can care four or even more books with me.  If I finish all I have with me, I don't have to stop at a bookstore to get more.  I used my sister's Kindle first.  I really enjoy the compact size.  I found, though, that I have already adapted to a touch screen to the degree that I needed another option.  For me the iPad was the perfect blend of other functions and a reader.

I have come to realize that the ereader accommodates many other people, too, in providing reading selections without having to carry heavy books or hold them and turn the pages. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do romance and religion mix?

Years ago one of my brothers shared a book with me, and said he loved this author because while there was a lot of suspense, and heat bordering on erotism, the physical part of the romance was always between two married people.

One of the most interesting boundaries to sort out as an author is that of how hot, or physical the romance should be and how you build the heat and urgency of a developing relationship without crossing the line that would offend your own sensibilities or those of your friends and family who honor values of sex within marriage. 

I am currious - maybe some of you have posted about this in the past; if so reply with a link or paste your comments here.