Friday, March 2, 2012

Finish a book in a week? a month? a year?

speedbo participant.jpgI wrote More Than A Job in a Book in a Week challenge with a writing group I belonged to over in San Jose, CA.  My prior books had been years in the making, so this was quite a new concept to me. While of course there was critique and editing to do afterwards, the book was finished, so that when my friend Tami Dee said she would refer me to her editor if I could send a manuscript within the week, I could do that. The release yesterday of More Than A Job was the result.

I have a book contract for a book that is only about half way finished. Animal Instinct is the first to be published of the Time After Time series that Tami and I are working on together. I have an outline to two other volumes in that set. When I signed up for SPEEDBO it is with the goal of finishing Animal Instinct AND an earlier book in the same series set on the Western plains of the US around the beginning of the 20th Century. So starting today I am going to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!


  1. It seems to be taking me longer and longer to finish a project. I wrote The Dowry in about 8-9 months, Family History in less than two years, and now my current project has recently passed the two year mark itself. Before I know it, I'll be spending decades on a single project. :P

  2. Well done on achieving so much in so little time! I am a world class procrastinator so I tried NaNo for the first time in November - that moved my book on quite a bit, though I still haven't finished it, yet!

  3. Wow a book in a week? How impressive. My first one took two years, the second one a year, and now I'm working on my third. I hope to finish that in a few months. We will see how that goes!

    Good luck Lynette with your book, More Than A Job. May you have many sales.