Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dee Adams has done everything for the love of her adolescent son including lying to protect him from pain. When her old flame returns, her wall of secrets starts to crumble.

After thirteen years of running from the past, Matt Black returns to the only place he called home intent on making peace with his family and Dee. When he forms a tight bond with Dee's son Jared, Matt falls for her again and he wants to be a family. When Dee's secret is revealed, the only way to become a family is to forgive and rebuild their trust for one another.


Dee dropped her jean-clad legs, and Matt let her slide inch by inch down his muscular body until her boots touched the floor. Her cheeks burned hot as she smoothed his ivory cable knit sweater before she took a step back. She ran her nervous fingers through her chin-length bob. "Sorry. I don't know what got into me." It sure felt good, though, to be in those solid arms once again. Her dreams didn't compare to the true pleasure of the real thing. His electric blue eyes sucked her back in with their dance of merriment. She itched to bury her fingers back in his unruly curls. She longed to nibble his smiling lips while her knees melted into liquid.

"Well, hi there, Dee. I haven't seen you since..."

"Steve's funeral." The memory doused her flames with ice-cold water, bringing back the red-hot anger she had harbored for the last thirteen years. Right after the funeral service of their good friend, Dee's ex, he left town as fast as his rusted Mustang would go. Not one word to her. After all they had shared together, he just took off, proving she meant nothing to him.

"Yeah. That day changed our lives." Matt pursed his lips at the painful memory.

Jared, who had held back with his hands in his jacket, let his scowl soften. He stepped around his mother and looked up to Matt, his blue eyes filled with anticipation. "You knew my father?"

Matt looked from Jared to Dee, and she prayed the wooden floor would turn to sand and swallow her up. It didn't. Instead she gave Matt a curt nod. His eyes dimmed and his face hardened for a split second before a forced smile appeared. He looked back down to Jared.

"Steve was your father?"

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