Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery by Kris Tualla

<i>Discreet Gentleman Book One</i> A Discreet Gentleman of DiscoveryLynette: So Kris, an exciting day with the release of your new book.  Are you giving away anything to celebrate?
Kris: I'm giving away a keychain from the cathedral ruins (which are in the book) in Hamar, Norway, plus a "Norway is the new Scotland" coffee mug.

Lynette: Ruins?  Is your book contemporary or set in another time?
Kris: It is set in southern Norway in 1720.

Lynette: And this is only the first release in a series?
Kris: Yes. All of my heroes are Hansens, part of the fictional dynasty from Arendal, Norway. When I was thinking of intense heroes, I realized that Brander Hansen was deaf - and the story grew from there.

Lynette: I know you have a celebration going on over at your blog, also. And a comment there enters the reader in a contest for your keychain. What is that address?

I know your hero is deaf. I am excited to read about your main character. And I know you have a book trailer in American Sign Language.

Kris: My silent trailer is here:
And for the signing impaired:

I have a lot to say about writing a deaf man in the 18th century!

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