Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life and work - how do you keep a balance?

I have had, for the most part, jobs that I love.

That doesn't mean they were all good for me. Being on call in residential services is always a challenge, no matter what position you hold. Services that happen on weekends, holidays and 24 hours in each day overflow into life regularly. The rest of the world - meaning children, schools, spouses, athletic events, church - assumes some free time during the week.

In recent years I have worked out of town, and sometimes worked long days because my family and pets were not around,. It still wasn't good for me, and I found that my eating, sleeping and creative time were scrambled as a result.

Paige Hamilton has one of those 24/7 jobs, and it isn't until she loses it that she discovers a richer way to live her life. In More Than a Job she discovers there is more to life than work, and leverages her job loss to take a new life path, one that leads to love.

Have you ever struggled with balance in your work and personal life? Do you have any tips for making sure that you liive your life no matter what is happening at work?

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  1. Lol, I'm still trying to do just that! Work can take not only your time, but your mind. hahha.